Programmer's Manual

Release 1.1.0



The Api92 library is a very powerful library for assembly programming on the 68k based calculators of Texas Instrument ( the TI-92, TI-92 II, TI-92+ and the TI-89 ).

It offers a lot of universal functions, like window functions, system functions, file functions, nested folder functions… But one of the most powerful part of the library is components : it offers a ListView component, a Menu component, a SelectFile component, an Edit component, a ProgressBar component… They will give to your program a fantastic graphical look :-)

This manual contains reference information for the application programming interface elements provided by the Api92 library.
I suggest you printing all this manual, it will be really easier to use.


Some examples have been programmed to illustrate the use of the Api92 library. You will find them in the examples\ directory of this SDK. All the examples can be compiled for ti-92, for ti-92+ or for ti-89. It uses MultiASM (by Aaron Hill) for conditional compilation. Hopefully I put in the ZIP package all needed files to compile, including batch files that will help you to compile.
For instance, if you want to compile lv_1.asm for ti89, you should only use :
C:\Api92SDK\Examples\ListView> m89 lv_1


License :
The Api92 library is a CARDWARE : It can be distributed and used freely everywhere but you have to send me a nice card of where you live if you use it :-)

My home address is :
10 rue JB Eyries 76600

PLEASE do it. I spent thousands of hours on this program, and it would be the most fantastic thing you could do for me.

I am not responsible for any problems that could be caused by the usage of this program. But the library is often tested, and should not have major bugs.


Author :
The Api92 library are the result of 3 years of programmation on TI-92, then on TI-92 PLUS. Almost all the functions included in the library have been programmed for PCTOOLS, my nice file manager for TI-92/TI-92+/TI-89. I decided to make it a library in order to everybody can use them.

If you have questions and/or bug report about the libraries, e-mail me ! I will try to answer to all your mails, before one or two weeks (I will be at home only during the week-end).

Ibrahim / Benoit SCHERRER, NeXO Sofware
e-mail : p.c.scherrer@wanadoo.fr