ProgressBar Component


The Progress Bar component draws nice progress bars.

  • Parameters :
    A0.l : Address of an api92_ProgressBar structure
  • Return Values :
    No register modified

The api92_ProgressBar structure

Format of the api92_ProgressBar structure :

$00.w : Current Value
$02.w : X position
$04.w : Y position
$06.w : Number of square to show
$08.w : Max value

$00.w : Current Value
It is the current value, between 0 and Max Value.
$02.w ; 04.w : X Position ; Y Position
It is the (X,Y) position on the top-left corner of the Progress Bar component, in pixels.
$06.w : Number of square to show
It is the number of square that the progress bar will have.
$08.w : Max Value
Maximum 16 bits value



You will find an example of the ProgressBar component in the graphics\progresb.asm file of the SDK.