The 68kTI Ultimate
Emulator Debugger


The 68kTI Ultimate Emulator Debugger will be a very advanced emulator/debugger for the 68K processor based calculators produced by Texas Intrument, the TI92, the TI92 II, the TI92+ and the TI89.

The aim of this project is to offer not only a powerful calculator emulator, but also a very powerful debugger for debugging assembly programs.

And I work very hard to reach this purpose :
- First of all, a lot of features are programmed in order to make the program nicer to use : the disassembly window uses real-time syntax highlighting, a lot of windows are made without any existing Win32 components, and thus are very adapted to their use, such as the register window which colorizes modified registers, the hexviewer of the memory window...
- But debugging tools will not be forgotten : it will include data breakpoints, code breakpoints, data watches, a powerful memory window and find window...
- I will try to make it as fast as possible : you will be able to choose between DirectDraw(tm) and the GDI for the video stuff. For the keyboard, it will use DirectInput(tm), and maybe an option without DirectInput(tm) for Windows NT.

It is currently my main project. I hope I will be able to release the first version soon. But because of school homeworks, I don't have a lot of free time. Consequently I think that the first version will be out only on July or August, during the holidays...