Technical Information
About the TI89/TI92/TI92PLUS

Here is some docs that could help you in your developpements :

Written by me :

Variable Allocation Table of the TI-92
How to run Basic programs in asm
Read or Write KeyDelays variables


Written by other authors about Software :

Information about timings
The .92G format (by Andy Selle)
The TI-89/92+ Home Screen Entry Line v1.0 ( by Kevin Kofler )
ASP68K Project 6th Edition : How to optimize ( Michael Glew )
File Storage on the TI-92 (by James Gareth)
Ideas of optimization
TI92 and TI89 structures, variables, and information. ( by Gareth James) (AMAZING)


Written by other authors about Hardware :

TI89HW1 Hardware Information (by Johan Borg)
TI89HW1 & HW2 Hardware Information ( by Johan Eilert ) (AMAZING)
Discussion about flash modification ( by Johan Borg )
Datasheet of the TI-92+/89 FlashRom ( LH28F160S3-L/S3H-L, Sharp )


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