I propose here download of my technical paper, written in official frame or for my personnal use.

Technical papers

2003 M. Scherrer : " Calcul complet du centrage et du calage d'un planeur" (CG calculation),
written for my personnal use
2004 M. Scherrer, N Quendez & C Döll : " An analytical approach to trimming and performance coupling on flying wings" ,
written for ICAS 2004 : Presented paper ICAS 2004-4.4.2 in Proceedings of the 24th Congress of the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences, 29/08 - 03/09/2004, Yokohama, Japan.
M. Scherrer : " Wind tunnel testing of the Savier Canard for Varieze aircraft"
See also a video of the test
written for Klaus Savier
M. Scherrer : " Polaires d'un planeur en virage" (Banked sailplane polars),
written for la commission formation du CNVV
M. Scherrer : " Adaptation des formules de performance au cas petit Reynolds, grand allongement" (Simple performance formula adapted to low reynolds, high AR case) ,
written for my personnal use
M. Scherrer : " A sailplane oriented way to write classical steady flight equation. ",
written for my personnal use
2005 M. Scherrer : " Trim drag calculation : an expression of total induced drag of a trimmed sailplane "
written for my personnal use.

M. Scherrer : " Calcul des cas de charge en flexion sur l'aile du Jade"
Bending loading case for Jade model sailplane - written for my personnal use.
M. Scherrer : " Energy extraction from wind : some thought about DS "
written for my personnal use.
M. Scherrer : " DS airfoil selection considering multidisciplinary criteria"
written for my personnal use.
2006 M. Scherrer : " The “Flight Template” A tool for the optimization of sailplane aerodynamicfor cross country flight at preliminary design stage" .
Presented at OSTIV 2006- Eskilstuna
Attached powerpoint slides : OSTIV  presentation
M. Scherrer : "Centrage & Stabilité en croquis - Ou comment illustrer les tenats et aboutissant du centrage d'un planeur"
Sketches for understanding CG influence on stability & trimming
written for my personnal use.
M. Scherrer : "Extended longitudinal stability theory at low Re - Application to sailplane models "
Insight into specifcities of low Re aerodynamic behavior, and consequences on sailplane model characteristic
written for my personnal use.
 2007 M. Scherrer :  Which CLs is your model flying ?
The flight template explained to & applied to sailplane models : statiscal study of model's flights & optimization strategies.
Written for RCSD.
 2008 M. Scherrer :  Strategy for optimizing sailplane wing aerodynamics with constraint span
Optimisation is not always easy to formalise, leading to uneffective optimisation process. Here is a tool that will help the designer in comparing different design for a fixed span.
Written for my personnal use.
  M. Scherrer :  Center of lift & neutral point
Some illustration based on pressure distribution over an airfoil to get a grip on the concepts of center of lift & of neutral point. Some famous results from simplified theory are also discussed using modern tool (Xfoil).
Written for my personnal use.
  M. Scherrer :  Portance empennage, y est tu ?
Des éléments basés sur les essais en soufflerie du Jibe 2 de Fybiwo, qui viennent alimenter la discussion : "Peut on avoir un stab porteur sur un planeur stable ?".
Sans tuer le suspens la réponse est "oui", bonne lecture !
Result on tailplane lift extracted from Wind tunnel result of Jibe 2 racer (Flybiwo). - In French -
Written for my personnal use.
 2011 M. Scherrer & S. Melber :  New winglet for LS 6 - Winglet aerodynamic design experience & RANS analysis using TAU (DLR)
Presented at OSTIV congress 2010 - Szeged

Other articles

2003 M. Scherrer : " Choisir un profil pour un planeur modèle réduit" (Choosing an airfoil for a sailplane model),
written for Modèle magazine

My airfoils

Airfoil To be used on... Families
MS1,9/8,7i f3i, f3b, f3f with flaps  
MS2/9,5i f3i, f3b, f3f with flaps
MS3,3/15GP Large sailplane (root) MS3,3/xxGP
MS3,3/13GP Large sailplane
MS3,3/11GP Large sailplane
MS3,3/11GPT Large sailplane (Special for tip)  
MS3/15GPV Large sailplane with flaps (root) MS3/xxGPV
MS3/13GPV Large sailplane with flaps
MS3/11GPV Large sailplane with flaps

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