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You love scale sailplane, or you only surf on this page to see what it is about ?
   You are welcome anyway, and I wish you will find great stuff ! Here are displayed some subjects that may interest you.

My ASK-13

   I am quite a beginner concerning this category, for I am currently working on my first scale sailplane. It is an 1/4 scale ASK-13, which is in the workshop for 3 years today.
   Indeed I have quite a big problem to cure, for I am uncertain on how I will link the wing to the fuselage. In fact the mainspar is to be used to do the job, but I don't exactly kow how to proceed : I though of box in steel, that will join the two spar together, but the "lever arm" is not big (the width of the fuselage is about 160 mm, so the useful part of the spar is 80mm long..) and I fear the stress should be too important on the wooden spar.
    If you have any idea on the topic, tell me !

   To see how it looks like, some photographs are displayed :

How to switch from ASK-13 to Discus...


The PW-5, world class glider.

Do you know the world class ?

   It is a "monotyp category", that intends to propose a cheap and interesting enough glider. The PW-5, a small polish glider, won the contest on the choice of the monotyp glider. Already two World contest took place.

   I got really interesting in that rouded-shape glider, for it looks nice. What do you think of a 1/3 scale PW-5 : a span of only 4m or so , but a wide and chubby fuselage !
   As I found a polish brochure (Skrzydla w miniaturze n17), my interest grew up. It was made of very precise 3-view plans and blue-prints, coordinates ... , allowing to build a perfect scale glider.

Are you attracted ? For further information on this wonderful glider, technical stuff, web site, click here !


Are you building a Duo-Discus ?

I found by chance its name written at the schempp-hirt way , if you are interested in...


Docs :

I own quite a number of books and docs that may interest scale sailplane addict

    Here is displayed a list of glider on which I can provide great information, coming from the following books :    As often as possible, web adress are provided concerning specific gliders.


Have you ever heard about Scimitar sailplanes ?

Scimitar's family

   There is some modern glider built in the USA, that may be a great subject for an unusual scale sailplane. They also upgrade schleicher or schempp-hirt gliders, and they studied the winglet issue.
No hesitation, go on their site !


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