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Mean Aerodynamic Chord.

by Jean-Claude Etiemble.
! NEW !


   Jean-Claude Etiemble is a modeler from "l'Aéroclub de ROUEN NORMANDIE, France", and designs his own gliders.

   In order to rate and trim his models, he developed a simple soft computing the mean aerodynamic chord on a multi panel wing, and locating the centre of lift.
   Moreover, this soft computes all the main characteristics of the wing area.

   Just notice that with 5 panels available, you can get very close to an elliptical wing : Ellipse owners will thank JC Etiemble for avoiding headeach in calculating CG !!!!!

DLL needed:
Vb5fr.dll (supplyed) and Msvbm50.dll.
metric system
download MC V 1.05.00 cmF !
size : about 50 Ko
non metric system
download MC V 1.05.02 cmEi !
size : about 50 Ko

This soft works with Windows 95, 98 and NT4, and was compiled with Visual Basic 5.0.

This soft is of course a Freeware. Don't hesitate to report bugs to its writter !

Contact Jean-Claude Etiemble.