"2,5D Wing Calculation"
A calculation method for Xfoil and multi-airfoil wings


* Méthode d'Intégration sur une Aile de Résultats eXpérimentaux & Xfoil
meaning Integral Method over a Wing for eXperimental and Xfoil Results

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MIAReX Validation

Here are some elements for validation of MIAReX calculation algorithm.

  1. Linear theory : the elliptical wing

       With linear theory for airfoil bahoviour, you can find an analytical solution to the elliptical planform problem, that we'll call "exact".
       Here we will check that MIAReX algorithm fits with this exact solution.

    Conclusion :
    With those results, we can validate MIAReX concerning :
    • Induced angle calculation algorithm
    • Lift and induced drag coefficient calculation, as given by analytical linear 2D theory

  2. Non linear theory on tapered wing (Naca TN-1270)

    In NACA report youcan find many experimental result for finite wing, including airfoil and induced drag. Among those is : Naca TN-1270 : "Experimental and calculated characteristics of several NACA 44-series wings with aspect ratios of 8, 10, and 12 and taper ratios of 2.5 and 3.5".

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