Titine : a bungee Flying Wing


   Here are some photographs, to see my small FW called "Titine" (translation : "so tiny"...) It was launch with a short bungee, but will fly at slope as well.

Span 1000 mm
Chords root 350 mm
tip 100 mm
Sweep 25 (1/4 of the chord)
Airfoil MH-60
Elevons 80% of trailing edge
from 10% to 25% of chord
Area 22.5 dm2
Twist -7 at tip
weight 350 gr (0.77 lbs)
Wing loading 15gr/dm2 (1.5kg/m2)
Xc 178 mm from nose
Static margin 3-5% (about 5-10 mm aft Xc)

Here are the drawings of that wing. Included : the twist distribution being computed.

around 240k

   A small mixing device (electronic) allow to use a simple 2-channels radio control.

   Some (simple) calculation were made, and twist distribution is set according to an accurate function.

the formula...
This for a constant airfoil.
C = chord
E = span
x = distance along span (x = 0 at root, x = +/- 1 at tips)

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