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from Jean-Claude Etiemble.
! NEW !

45 days test available


   Jean-Claude Etiemble, from "l'Aéroclub de ROUEN NORMANDIE", designs his own gliders. In order to make his works easier, he compiled some useful soft, such as "Mean chord".

   Here is displayed his last work : a genuine computer assisted workshop for your glider ribs !

Some of the features of Tracfoil

   This new soft includes a lot of features, including :

! NEW ! Convert your work to *.DXF format ! ! NEW !

   This soft supports *.Cor (Coordinate format) and *.dat airfoil files : more than 1500 airfoils are already available on the web !!
Airfoil database.
Other specific airfoils are available on the Jean claude Etiemble's page !

   There is also a *.dat coordinate editor, if the airfoil you need is not available.

Download an example of ribs.

Here 20 ribs that gives you an idea about the capacities of Tracfoil. Files in *.tra and *.dxf format.

Do you need help about using Tracfoil ??

Have a look to Tracfoil's FAQ !

Download the last release of Tracfoil !

DLL needed :

Vb5fr.dll, cmctlfr.dll, Cmdlgfr.dll, Msvbm50.dll
Comctl32.ocx, Comdlg32.ocx

Download Tracfoil V-1.8!

This soft works with Windows 95, 98 and NT4, and was compiled with Visual Basic 5.0.

   Be aware, This soft is not Freeware. A 45 days test version is available. If you are satisfied, you can register by contacting its author. You will be sold your personal key.

NEW : buy tracfoil license online to its author !
(Don't worry, I don't touch any commission...)
Payment by Credit card : Special offer
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Contact Jean-Claude Etiemble.